Able Dairies Mexico

Able Dairies Mexico is the first overseas venture of the group, established to cater to the growing consumer base for Sweetened Condensed and Evaporated milk in North America, LATAM and the Caribbean Islands. Located in the major fresh milk producing area of Jalisco in Mexico, the company intends to fully harness the vast potential that emanates from consistent fresh milk supply to manufacture products that cater to the local and global market expectations. Able Dairies Mexico will manufacture sweetened Condensed and Evaporated milk from fresh milk and also leverage on the various important free trade agreements that Mexico enjoys within the region to deliver quality products at competitive prices and in the shortest possible time frame.

Able Packaging Mexico

In order to improve efficiencies and ensure cost savings for the consumers, self-reliance for our packaging material needs was paramount and therefore in sync with the Group’s long term vision for backward integration wherever possible, Able Packaging Mexico has been set up to manufacture cans and secure packaging material inputs to avoid uncertainties and boost production capabilities of Able Dairies Mexico

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