Other Dairy Solutions

Non Dairy Creamer / Whiteners

Volatility in milk powder prices over the years opened up doors for the Non-Dairy Creamers / Dairy whiteners to sneak in as an economical substitute. NDC is white or creamy spray dried powder with excellent free flowing and blending properties, designed for hot as well as cold beverages. Non-dairy coffee creamers can be palm, coconut or palm kernel oil-based. Please contact us for more information.

Our Non-dairy creamer is manufactured from vegetable oil as the base, thereby providing it with much higher shelf life stability, a unique advantage over Milk powder. Our Non-dairy creamer adds texture, taste and body to give you a delightful cup of coffee or tea.

Customized Blends

We pride ourselves in operating a fully automated and controlled dry blending division. We offer bespoke blends tailor-made to meet stringent customer specifications and expectations. With our In-Bin blending process we can guarantee No cross contamination.

Bacteriological contamination is a constant risk when handling nutrition powders and achieving the highest food safety levels is always the priority for us. We cover the whole supply chain matrix assisting you with product development, raw material procurement, production and global logistics. If you want us to develop a special blend for you, please contact us with your specifications or else just let us have your benchmark samples and we will reverse engineer a product to suit your requirement.

Our Dairy Ingredients Portfolio also includes:

  • Sweet Whey Powder
  • De-mineralised Whey Powder
  • Buttermilk Powder
  • Anhydrous Milk Fat

For Product Specifications and more information, please reach out to our team at export@ablefood.asia and we shall be glad to assist.

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